Birmingham Waste Strategy

Working with Birmingham City Council towards a 40% recycling rate by 2026

veolia Birmingham Waste strategy


The United Kingdom produces in the region of 30 million tonnes of household rubbish each year. As recently as the 1990s, more than 80% of this waste used to go direct to landfill. The government has recognised that this must change as landfill sites become scarce and demand for recycling gathers pace.

Through various legislative initiatives, recycling is becoming an accepted way of dealing with some of our domestic waste and currently approximately 27% of domestic waste is recycled. 67% still goes to landfill sites for burial, with about 9% having energy or value recovered from it in some way.

Birmingham’s waste strategy reflects the national policy of viewing waste as a resource rather than rubbish. In partnership with Birmingham City Council we are working towards achieving a 40% recycling rate by 2026.

Veolia Birmingham is committed to supporting Birmingham City Council in achieving its waste strategy goals by bringing its global experience and expertise to bear on the local situation and working in close partnership with the Council to exceed expectations. Please note that Household Waste collections are carried out by the Council - and not Veolia.

For full details of Birmingham’s waste strategy document, click here

Business Waste Management in Birmingham

We deliver a comprehensive waste management service for all kinds of businesses across Birmingham and surrounding areas; offering an efficient and competitive service, that with the support of our cutting edge local infrastructure, diverts your waste from landfill.

Birmingham, challenge us to deliver a reliable cost-effective waste management service.