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Find answers to frequently asked questions on Birmingham's Energy Recovery Facility

How much energy do you create through Energy Recovery?

The Energy Recovery Facility generates up to 25MW of energy – enough to power 41,000 Birmingham homes.

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Doesn’t energy recovery deter recycling?

It is evident from looking at other countries that utilise Energy Recovery as part of an integrated waste management system that it does not deter recycling. Switzerland incinerates 45% of its waste and recycles 42%.

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Don’t the environmental issues surrounding Energy Recovery from waste outweigh the benefits of avoiding fossil fuel?

No, we would require a method to dispose of residual waste that cannot be recycled and Energy Recovery is preferred over the use of landfill because there is an opportunity to recover a valuable resource - energy.

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Isn’t energy recovery harmful to the environment?

All Energy Recovery Facilities have to operate to strict environmental regulations. The emission limits are equal to, or better than, the limits within which power stations operate. Pollution prevention control systems are installed allowing the operators to monitor how well the facility is performing, and to ensure that emissions are kept below permitted limits. Operators are monitored by the Environment Agency and reports detailing the performance of each facility are available on a public register. You can also view our emissions performance here.

Energy Recovery as part of an integrated waste management system helps to create the best practical environmental waste management option for Birmingham.

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View the emissions to air data from our Tyseley energy recovery facility.