The R Team is here!

An exciting new and free Key Stage two digital resource is now available that is suitable for teachers to deliver to pupils specifically designed to be flexible to meet digital remote, hybrid or classroom learning.

What is The R Team

The R Team explores the waste hierarchy through the eyes of Jo, an inquisitive 9-year-old, and her family and friends. It encourages pupils to join The R Team and champion good waste management. There is an introductory assembly, followed by a workshop exploring each of the four Rs - reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. 

Beyond learning about the 4Rs, children will increase their awareness of climate change and our environmental impact.

They’ll be inspired to think about how their actions can make a difference to preserve natural resources and save energy. Pupils will be empowered to know that while everyone might be at a different starting point when it comes to making sustainable behaviours, we can all make small changes to do a bit more and to help the world around us. 

The resource is centred on inspiring behaviour change - equipping pupils with the knowledge, understanding and motivation to take the messages home and carry them with them, to make a positive difference to the environment.



Interested to find out more?

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