Sort it. Bring it. Save it!

Helping Birmingham to recycle more of the right things, in the right way.

Our Sort it. Bring it. Save it! campaign focuses on helping you to recycle the right things in the right way.

Download the leaflet below to see if you can recycle one more thing at home, or at Birmingham's Household Recycling Centres.

Sort it. Bring it. Save it! Recycling Campaign Leaflet

Bin Your Bag Habit

From January 2020 we will be asking residents bringing in black bag waste into the household recycling centres (HRCs) to sort through their waste on-site. This process will help separate recycling from residual waste so we can help Birmingham citizens recycle as much as possible in the right way.


Local residents are reminded to separate and sort their waste before visiting the HRCs to help reduce the time spent on site.

Did you know you can recycle your old batteries across our household recycling centres?

We also recycle old car batteries!

Having a clear out of old toys to make room for new ones? Why not take used toys to the Re-use Centre so they can go to a new home?

Having a party? Don't forget, empty cans and bottles can be recycled at our household recycling centres

Did you know if you flat pack and fold large cardboard packaging to the size of the bin and tie it up with string it will be collected with your recycling?

Did you know we recycle Tetra Paks and disposable coffee cups?

Save the cartons and disposable coffee cups and bring them to your local household recycling centre on your next visit

New year, new me!

Thinking of having a clearout? Why not take any used (but still in working condition) items to the Re-use Centre so they can go to another home

Don't forget, disposable tableware and cutlery cannot be recycled if they are soiled


This includes pizza boxes

Don't know what to do with surplus gifts? Why not take it to the Re-use shop so someone else can make use of it

Veolia, in partnership with Birmingham City Council, are helping you to recycle more of the right things, in the right way.  Have you ever wondered:

  • Which items in your everyday waste can be recycled and turned into something new?
  • Why it's so important to separate your waste?
  • Which unusual items from around your home can be recycled at Birmingham's 5 Household Recycling Centres?
  • What happens to your recycling when it arrives to be sorted at our Materials Recovery Facility?
  • How to make the most of your visit to your local Household Recycling Centre?
  • How you can recycle more at home?

Make your visit to your local Household recycling Centre more efficient by sorting your waste before you visit!

You might be surprised by the journey of waste!